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Recirculating Chillers RC 2 basic

Recirculating Chillers RC 2 basic
Recirculating Chillers RC 2 basic
Product Code : 4171000
Product Description

High-efficiency circulating chiller with powerful 400 W cooling capacity. Designed for cooling applications up to -20 °C.
The speed-controlled PEEK pump allows an indirect continuous adjustment of the maximum pressure and flow rate. Due to its excellent temperature stability of about ±0.1 K (@ -10 °C), the RC2 can handle even sophisticated applications.
The included feed hopper and bleed valve enable the safe and clean handling of the thermofluid. An easy to open front hood allows for convenient cleaning of the air filter.
The high quality insulated 4 l bath reservoir allows the use of up to 2.5 liters of thermofluid in the external cooling circle without refilling.

Appliance type

Recirculating Chiller

Class designation acc. DIN 12876


Identification according to DIN 12876


Cooling agent


Cooling agent quantity

230 g

Pressure max.

20 bar

Cooling capacity (@20°C)

400 W

Cooling capacity (@10°C)

370 W

Cooling capacity (@0°C)

320 W

Cooling capacity (@-10°C)

240 W

Cooling capacity (@-20°C)

130 W

Operating temperature min.

-20 °C

Operating temperature max. (with external heating)

40 °C

Working temperature min.

-20 °C

Working temperature max.

Room temp. °C

Temperature display


Temperature control

PT 100

Working temperature sensor

PT 100

Working temperature display


Temperature stability DIN 12876

0.1 ±K

Display resolution

0.1 ±°C

Warning function optical


Warning function acoustic


Warning function excess temperature


Warning function insufficient temperature


Sub-level protection


Filling volume min.

1.4 l

Filling volume max.

4.0 l

Pump type

Pressure- / suction pump

Pump capacity adjustable


Pump pressure max. (0 liters discharge flow)

0.3 bar

Pressure pump (suction side) (0 liter flow)

0.2 bar

Flow rate max. (0 bar back pressure)

18 l/min

Calibration option


Technical data complies with the standard

DIN 12876

Permissible ON time

100 %

Dimensions (W x H x D)

220 x 475 x 525 mm


28.0 kg

Permissible ambient temperature

5 - 32 °C

Permissible relative humidity

80 %

Protection class according to DIN EN 60529

IP 21

RS 232 interface


USB interface



230 / 115 V


50/60 Hz

Power input

300 W